First Roll From the Mamiya M645

Just got my first roll back out of the Mamiya M645, there are definitely quirks from this camera that I have to adapt to. But it’s great to work with film and the feeling of it is unmatched by any digital camera that I could use.

I have to definitely be mindful of the weighing from the metering from the Pd prism. Since I can’t just chimp and retake the shot if the exposure is off, I have to make sure the exposure is right the first time around. May be the solution here is to bring another digital camera to test shots and then snap em off with the medium format, but we’ll see.

Although, there is an inherent feel to the images that come out of this that I end up trying to emulate sometimes with images that come from my Fujifilm X-E1, except this just gives them to me readily straight ouf of camera (or scanner, whatever). I do not worry endlessly about senseless things like sharpness and ISO noise, and worry about actual things that pertain to making good images. Granted, the pictures that have come out of this so far cannot be considered as anything remotely good, but eh. Enjoy the rest of my terrible shots. I really wanted to get rid of this roll so I can see the shots that were on it.